Garbage Disposal Repair

Prevention is better than cure, so they say. But if it is broken how do you fix it? There are some basic troubleshooting tips for some of your garbage disposal repair problems before you call the repairman. Garbage Disposal Repair

The most important tip though is to prevent the clogs from accumulating. This would ensure that the appliance would run efficiently as designed. The blades used in these kind of equipment will become dull over time so do not be deceived by advice saying that chicken bones or glass sharpen the blades. 
String vegetables such as celery are no-no too. Whenever you can avoid putting grease down the drain as it can also add to the probability of clogs. If this is something that cannot be prevented make it a practice to use hot water afterwards to flush out the grease. Garbage Disposal Repair Help

Because this kitchen appliance is prone to use and abuse it won't hurt if you know some general tips to make sure that it works fine all the time. First things first, when the garbage disposal is not working check the electrical works. Check if the disposal is plugged in properly. Next you have to check and press the 'reset button', you know that it needs to be reset when the button is not pushed in. You also have to check the switch and replace if necessary. Check also if the circuit breaker is working fine. Switch it off and back again. If all of these troubleshooting guides fail to make your garbage disposal to run then you need to call the repairman. 

What if the garbage disposal makes a noise but it will not run?

If this is the case you have to turn off the circuit breaker in the electrical service panel. Check if there are some silverware or other objects that were jammed inside the disposal. To do this you have to use the assistance of a flashlight and search the bottom of the appliance. You would eventually have to use metal tings to be able to remove the obstruction. Garbage Repair Services

Most garbage disposal comes with an Allen wrench that is designed to search and fit the hole at the bottom of your garbage disposal. If your appliance do not come with this tool you can easily find one in your nearest hardware shops. To use the wrench you have to maneuver it clockwise to loosen the clog at the bottom, on the holes or even in the flywheel.

A good indication of an eliminated clog is if the flywheel turns effortlessly after dislodged. Once you have been successful in removing the obstruction it is recommended that you turn the power on and run cold water before running the appliance once more.

In instances where the garbage disposal tool would automatically shut off, this is often the case of overloading. In cases like this, you have to use once more the reset button. Allow the unit to cool down, run cold water and then start using it once more. Garbage Repair Company