Garbage Disposal Cleaning and Repair Tips

Do you have a garbage disposal unit that has ceased to function as it should? If so, instead of calling in the experts you may want to take a look at the handy DIY guide below. Appliance Repair
Let's begin with your garbage disposal unit. There are two types of garbage disposal units; namely, a continuous feed which is activated via a wall switch and a batch feed which is triggered by activating a stopper. The first thing you need to do before you start inspecting the unit is to turn off the power at the first disconnect. You should also use a pair of tongs or pliers to remove any objects, and we would recommend that you avoid pouring any abrasive drain cleaners into your disposal. Garbage Disposal Repair
It also goes without saying that you should never insert your hard into your garbage disposal unit. Next, rummage through your closet and find that handy instruction manual. This is because every garbage disposal unit is different, so the repair and maintenance directions will differ depending on the brand that you own. It is also important that you avoid placing any rubber, metal, or glass items in the unit. Garbage Disposal Repair Help
Furthermore, if your garbage disposal unit happens to be making strange whirring noises or stops working altogether, then it may be caused by item jamming. To fix the problem, you will need to turn the device off and the wait a few minutes. If your device does not have a reset button, then it should reset automatically. However, if it does have a reset button, then it should be installed on the base of the motor housing apparatus. Simply press it firmly and hold it for a second and it should reset the unit. Garbage Disposal Repair Services
If, however, the unit still doesn't seem to be working then it may have a socket or a small crank that can be used to turn the flywheel using an Allen wrench. Some units may also have a reversing switch, so it won't hurt to check. Furthermore, any clogs can be taken care of by using a snake or by disassembling the unit's trap.
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