Don’t Replace Your Fridge

How many of us have had difficulty using an ice maker in our refrigerator? I know that this can be a common problem or complaint. Rather than replacing the whole refrigerator, which is in working order, I prefer to go online to look into appliance repair blogs by clicking here. There are typically a lot of blog posts including a wealth of information on the reasons why the ice maker is not working based on the type of brand. Typically issues can appear around the thermostat, heater, water valve, and the timer. Some blogs even teach you when to determine when the actual ice maker needs replacement with a new one. If you want to know more about making this decision, visit this site and read more here.

Because it can be expensive to use a repair person, (130-180$/hr), it can be beneficial to try to look into the problem yourself, first. I would recommend that you go online to do a general search, however, I will give you an overview of how the ice maker works here to help you get started on your repair project. The ice maker funnels water through a 1/4" water supply tube running to the filter device from the refrigerator. This goes to the fill valve inside the refrigerator. This valve is controlled using a thermostat. The water is then supplied to a ice mold where it freezes the water. There is also a small motor in the appliance that rotates the machinery to push ice cubes into the ice mold, and into an ice collection bin. This bin dispenses ice into your cup when you push the lever. By first understanding the process of ice making and the machinery, it will be a lot easier to make repairs to your ice maker.