Don’t Replace Your Fridge

How many of us have had difficulty using an ice maker in our refrigerator? I know that this can be a common problem or complaint. Rather than replacing the whole refrigerator, which is in working order, I prefer to go online to look into appliance repair blogs by clicking here. There are typically a lot of blog posts including a wealth of information on the reasons why the ice maker is not working based on the type of brand. Typically issues can appear around the thermostat, heater, water valve, and the timer. Some blogs even teach you when to determine when the actual ice maker needs replacement with a new one. If you want to know more about making this decision, visit this site and read more here.

Because it can be expensive to use a repair person, (130-180$/hr), it can be beneficial to try to look into the problem yourself, first. I would recommend that you go online to do a general search, however, I will give you an overview of how the ice maker works here to help you get started on your repair project. The ice maker funnels water through a 1/4" water supply tube running to the filter device from the refrigerator. This goes to the fill valve inside the refrigerator. This valve is controlled using a thermostat. The water is then supplied to a ice mold where it freezes the water. There is also a small motor in the appliance that rotates the machinery to push ice cubes into the ice mold, and into an ice collection bin. This bin dispenses ice into your cup when you push the lever. By first understanding the process of ice making and the machinery, it will be a lot easier to make repairs to your ice maker.


Three Simple Tips for Dryer Repair

Clothes dryers are simple machines, which use a source of fuel to heat air with a fan and motor to blow it around. These machines can be handled easily without necessarily having acquired any expert skills.

In addition, most of the repairs are very simple and can be carried out by yourself to eliminate a service call and keep your dryer operating.

Here are some tips to assist you solve problem when your dryer is not working well. These tips may save you the cost of a service call or remove some issues to reduce the problem to be handled by a technician.

The dryer is plugged in, but still don’t work?

Sometimes the dryer is correctly plugged into an electrical outlet and it is still not working. You need to look at your central electrical box to check if a fuse has blown or may be a circuit breaker has tripped. You may be able to turn the circuit breaker on or replace the fuse.

This is the right time to check the voltage supply in the outlet using a voltage meter. Dryers need 240v to operate. Ensure that your outlet is functioning correctly.

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The washer is plugged in; circuit breakers are fine, but it's still not working?

If you have had any power surge or outage in your home, it may be the thermal fuse in the control panel of the dryer, which is damaged.

Normally, the thermal fuse “blows” in case of any surge of power or overheating and prevents further damage on the dryer. The fuse is expensive, but can be replaced easily.

Dryers need a door switch to engage it to work. These switches may break and need to be replaced. They may also get “gunked up” easily with some lint. Use some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the main contact areas.

In case the dryer heats, but the rotation of the drum is limited, then check the rubber belts, which connects the drum to the motor. It, may be broken or loose. They are cheap and often easy to replace.

The dryer turns on, but cannot hear?

If a dryer turns on and unfortunately shuts off so fast (less than 5minutes), it is often a problem with either thermal resistor or the thermostat. The thermal fuse usually “blows” and switch off the dryer to prevent excess heat.

You can check the cycling thermostat, high limit thermostat, temperature sensor using a voltmeter to determine if they are functioning properly. Also, check the timer and the heating element to ensure they are receiving enough power.

How to Find a Reliable Appliance Repair Shop

Repairing broken appliances can sometimes be a painful experience especially if you are not able to find a top and reliable appliance repair shop. However, if you just take your time and do a little more research, it should be easy to get a repair expert that will meet all your expectations. You can visit this site and get access to a few high end appliance repair experts. In any case though, here are some tips that can help you find the best repair shops in the market:

Narrow Down Your Search to Experienced Shops 

With all due respect to all upcoming appliance repair shops, there is no doubt most people will feel comfortable if indeed their damaged appliance is handled by someone who has been doing this for years. Experienced repair shops can easily diagnose the problem, isolate the issue and rectify it in a very short time. In that case, they are highly recommended. Just read more about such experienced experts online and you will see their value.

Check the Cost 

The cost of repairing an appliance will of course depend on the extent of the damage. But that is not all; different repair shops may also have their own rates. Although it is understandable to look for the cheapest repair shop, don’t get caught up so much on the price. Focus on an appliance repair shop that gives you an ideal mix of quality repair and value for your money. You can easily go online and check out the costs of different experts.

Turnaround Time Is Important 

The role appliances play in a home or a business is so essential. This simply means that you cannot afford to leave your appliance at the repair shop for more time than necessary. An expert that guarantees quality repairs in a short time frame would definitely come handy for most people.

Getting the perfect appliance repair shop takes time and effort but don’t worry, you can click here now and get a list of reputable repair shops today.